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Fraud All About Fraud.

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Default can you use a different mailing address than the one he has on file with the IRS ? would that get ur refund flagged ??

i have the PIN and everything , but at the mailing address , i didn't type the real address , i thought it's better because he would get papers from the IRS to his real address about the bogus return , so i put the real address only on the employment form ( employee address) and i used another for the mailing address that ok ? or you put real address all over ?

I have accurate Employer (EIN number etc) , address also.....i am curious about their fiters....what else ??

I also advise u to avoid Florida , and Georgia , they have the highest rates of tax fraud in the country so getting ur refund abtcroved there , would require a lot more than in other places....use small states only....

i used direct debit for withdrawal and kept withdrawal under 3k ....
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Originally Posted by dagonxx View Post
Ok I have question!

Fucking cards no matter if they are netspends or walmart or greendot give trouble when trying to activate them. They ask for further verification, or tell you to enter permanent card sent to address or tell you to call a number. Ive tried RDPs and VPNs, somehow I think it detects Im on a RDP server. So anyways whats best to use to activate cards because nobody likes throwing away money.

Also anyone know what blacklist these places use and what else they detect to know you a clone/bad customer?
Abtcly for prepaid cards over open wi-fi like at a local hot spot remember which hotspot tho also do research with other prepaid company's some u just call an set up a pin no verification an some u can't set it up online quick easy
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who ever needs names , dob and ss, i hav a few for sale. inbox me for details
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Default Re: TAXES TAXES TAXES!!!!!!!!

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Default Re: TAXES TAXES TAXES!!!!!!!!

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